We work on a prearranged fixed fee approach for all our services and we pride ourselves on offering a professional, personalised and friendly service that you can depend on!

Johnson Complex Accounting can help you..:

• to cost efficiently stay completely on top of your paperwork and book-keeping

• to have an exact picture of your costs and revenues via regular accurate management accounts

• to pay less tax and to plan so that you continue to pay minimal tax

• to minimise the cost and effort of managing your payroll process

• to minimise the cost and effort of preparing your annual accounts for Companies House

• to benefit from the experience and expertise of a mature finance director via our virtual FD

• and to stay 100% on top of your company secretarial obligations.


Letting someone else handle the payroll for your business is a route more and more organisations are taking. There is a very good reason for this.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Prompt and professional handling of your staff
  • No need to have specialise knowledge on site being paid 100% of the time only to be used for 10%.
  • Receive a professional service from people that really know payroll
  • On demand helpline
  • No need to purchase specialised software
  • No need to stay on top of payroll legislation
  • Detailed analysis reports to really let you control and understand your staff costs
  • No need to try and balance the timing of the payroll run in between holidays and sickness, with Johnson Complex it will always get done.
  • Johnson Complex offers a flexible service that will work with your business. We can handle payroll runs from 5 employees up to 500 and we handle all paperwork relating to:
  • P45’s/P46
  • Payslip production
  • Year-end P35, P60’s & P14’s
  • P11D’s and P9D’s


Johnson Complex offers a wide variety of bookkeeping services, ranging from one-off bookkeeping exercises right through to a seamless off-site accounting solution. We add value by ensuring that our clients do not need to spend time worrying about their bookkeeping and accounting.

We can ensure that:

  • All invoices from suppliers are recorded and that supplier accounts are reconciled
  • Suppliers get paid in line with credit terms and any credit notes are chased and received
  • Invoices are raised and sent to customers promptly and are recorded correctly
  • Bank accounts and other balance sheet accounts are reconciled on a regular basis

In brief, we offer an off-site accounting solution. No need to worry about recruiting full or part time accounting staff. We can act as your accounting department, regardless of the size of your business. We are in touch as often or as little as required and are immediately available to answer questions or to offer advice.

Management Information

Good management reporting should bring your business information alive. It should provide a solid, accurate and clear view of your financial position which allows you to focus on the important issues.

Johnson Complex can provide management reporting, tailored to your business, and help enhance its use by focusing on you.

We can handle all your taxation requirements, ranging from one-off self assessment right through to complex corporation tax calculations.

Personal & Corporation Tax

If you need help with your Tax Return or  you want to make sure that you are paying the least amount of tax, Johnson Complex can help.

Personal tax services are available both for business owners and private individuals. All aspects of Self Assessment & Dealing with Tax Returns, Tax enquiries, Tax disputes, Correspondence with HMRC Every company needs to file a set of statutory accounts at Companies House each year. These need to be in a certain format and contain certain information.

These accounts will also be required by the tax authorities.  Johnson Complex can produce these accounts in line with agreed timetables and deadlines and we can organise for their filing with Companies House.

We can produce these as a one off exercise or they can be built up from periodic management accounts that are used to run the business.

It is important to get these accounts right, but it is also a good opportunity for many businesses to really focus on their year-end numbers and to make some of the more long term decisions. We can help with this process. Deciding on the right business structure plays a big role with regards to the protection you have under the law and will also drive how you will be treated for tax purposes. Getting the structure right from the beginning is extremely important.

Johnson Complex can offer full support through this process. We can help you decide on what is the best legal structure for your business and if required, we can set the company up at Companies House. Johnson Complex can thoroughly go through the way the new business will be treated for tax and the best ways to help minimise any liability. We can also take care of any budgeting and financial planning requirements to help ensure that funding is available for planned activities and we can advise on the best accounting structure and systems going forward.

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